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GES Engineering Department has the capability, experience and Know-how needed for the performance of a reliable basic and detailed engineering of both solar or wind project. Additionally GES is able to provide technical assistance, starting at a very early stage of the development of the plant. Currently GES Engineering Department is formed by more than 30 employees, most of them engineers, focused on different disciplines.

GES is able to designs large turn-key projects working under different regulations for projects with diverse scopes, from the complete EPC, to BOP for wind farms and BOS for solar plants. GES has been also involved in special projects like the synchronous closure for the reduction of transient perturbations in capacitor banks and shunt reactors or power electronics systems to compensate the reactive power (STATCOM)

GES Engineering Department supports the customer form the development phase through the completion of different surveys and studies, to the tender and construction phase.

Own Engineering to design any wind, solar or hydro plant


GES plans and designs all the infrastructure included in the wind farm or solar plant. From the complete substation, including all civil and electromechanical works and the control and protection for the substation. The wind farm design includes all civil works design (roads and platforms base on the WGT specifications and the topographical survey, WGT foundation, and geotechnical recommendations) as well as electrical works design (load flow, voltage drop, short-circuit and reactive P-Q guaranteed curves). For the solar plants the scope includes the PV plant modelization (definition of the layout, modules configuration and PR estimation), civil works (roads designs, earth movement calculations, geotechnical recommendations and hydrological analysis) and electrical works design (low and medium voltage cable sizing, inverters selection, and reactive P-Q guaranteed curves).

GES can also provide detailed engineering carrying out topographical and geotechnical surveys, pull our tests, hydrological studies and drawing systems sizing, earth movement, and electrical calculations.

Related projects

Ilumina PV Plant

Client: AES-Solar

Location: Guayama, Puerto Rico

Power: 23.67 MW DC

Execution time: September 2011 - May 2012

Fue necesario comprender y adaptarse a la cultura de Puerto Rico, y pasar por un proceso de obtención de permisos con el que no estábamos familiarizados, mientras que, para las autoridades públicas, fue necesario trabajar en un sector desconocido. Pocas personas locales tenían alguna experiencia en energías renovables. El plazo era ajustado, tanto, que los trabajos de construcción debieron iniciarse antes de que se completara el trabajo de diseño. Debido a que el proyecto estaba ubicado en el corredor de huracanes, era necesario que toda la central pudiera soportar condiciones meteorológicas extremas.

Muchos de los responsables de proyecto de GES hablan español e inglés, lo que facilitó la comunicación con contratistas locales y funcionarios del gobierno. Dado que Ilumina era el primer proyecto de su género en la isla, el proceso de permitting era nuevo para todas las partes. GES y AES Solar colaboraron estrechamente con las autoridades locales para desarrollar las normas y criterios necesarios. GES desarrolló un plan de ejecución detallado, y fue capaz de responder con rapidez a los problemas que surgían. Con una amplia investigación y esfuerzo, fue posible mitigar el impacto de unas condiciones meteorológicas adversas (por ejemplo, utilizamos un sistema fijo de montaje a tierra, capaz de resistir  velocidades de viento correspondientes a categoría de huracán).

El proyecto ha proporcionado diversos beneficios a Puerto Rico. Se han creado doscientos empleos durante la fase de construcción. Además, la planta ayuda a proporcionar energía a más de 6.500 hogares (mediante un acuerdo de compra de energía de 20 años con la Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica de Puerto Rico). Gracias al proyecto, la isla también es capaz de reducir su dependencia del petróleo, que  suponía  tradicionalmente el 70 por ciento de su uso total de energía.

Oaxaca-I W.F.

Client: Vestas

Location: Santo Domingo del intenio (Oaxaca, México)

Power: 101 MW

Wind turbine: V-90.2 MW

Schedule: September 2010 - July 2012

bop wind

Succeeding with the first phase of a huge new 400 MW wind farm in Mexico


  • Strong and consistent winds meant that the assembly of the wind turbine components would be particularly challenging.
  • In order to build a good working rapport with local staff, a clear understanding of the indigenous culture was vital.
  • Due to its terrain, its isolation and its social mix, this area of Mexico is a notoriously difficult environment to work in, and many civil engineering projects are subject to long delays.


  • In order to meet the tight timescales, we completed much of the assembly at nighttime when the strong winds die down.
  • We worked particularly hard to learn about this region of Mexico – in order to understand the local culture and the outlook of the indigenous populations.
  • We gradually introduced the local staff to the project, and worked particularly closely with local technicians – in order to successfully transfer our own knowledge and skills.
  • We worked hard on building collaboriation and rapport across the extended team, and ensured that they could call upon the right level of resource.


Due to the speed and efficiency of our assembly processes, we were able to complete the project more quickly than had been anticipated – which led to a substantial saving in the cost of the crane rental. Also, the project was completed without any accidents. And the wind farm can now be relied upon to deliver more than 4,000 wind hours each year.

Renaico & Los Buenos Aires W.F.

Location: Chile

Power: 112 MW

Execution schedule: November 2015 - November 2016

bop wind

Cooperating with the local community

Both wind farms were placed in Mapuche territory, native Araucanians. Accesses to the wind farms were complicated. There was a flooding area in Los Buenos Aires, that made the foundations works very hard. Expediting procedures of the customer and some deadlines in the equipment deliveries made the schedule compliance difficult. Three new subcontractors have been hired to work at the substation. More experienced companies were overflow, due to the high demand of the market. Crane movements between platforms needed to be done with partial or total crane dismantling.

GES worked together with the community. Sand and gravel were bought at the local quarry and a Mapuche women cooperative was created for the services at the dining room. It was necessary to build two bridges to access the site. Water was pumped 24 hours a day to make the foundation works possible at the flooding area. Equipment deadlines have been renegotiated with suppliers and air transport was used to shorten deadlines. A very strength coordination was necessary to work with substructure to ensure the quality of the work. Road survey was continuously done, always trying to reduce the number of hours for the crane movements.

Successfully completion of the wind farm without accidents and with satisfactory quality standards.

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